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Topics discussed: Leap Year, waving at strangers, TSA searches genitals, Facebook is a joke, Bill Hicks, Tips for dealing with the police, Cannabis users easy target, Am I being detained?  Cops low IQ, adrenaline robots, remaining silent, no body searching, police can lie, rights card, no police in your home, pasco meaning, social pathogen, religion and authority, religion and money, Max Igan, outlawing home gardens, raising your own food, Gleaning, Chinese pyramids, political correctness, Spike Milligan, accents, China a prison, Statism is dead, humans as livestock, free-range slaves, taxes are slavery, breaking out of the mould, being uppity, harvesting human souls, death of the king ritual, death of the goddess ritual, Virgil, What App, building robots to replace humans, Manly P. Hall, worthwhile work, history of human exploitation, harvesting human attention, spending time, paying attention, spiritual currency, psychic messages Vs texting, Facebook rant, Facebook likes, Facebook = Egoism, Liking likes, meth amphetamines not addictive, co-dependency, youth violence, loss of empathy, pursuit of pleasure, inequality of wealth, J.R.R. Tolkien – Anarchist, bossing people around, being face nice, obsequious meaning compliant or servile, change the world, time is not here to waste, Jesus tattoo, astrotheology, texting, endorphones, sock puppets and trolls, government trolls, government spying, gangs in the military, gang mentality, faith over knowledge, belief over knowing, City of God, conditioned psychopaths, Bob Marley – emancipate yourself from mental slavery, freedom is not just the freedom to be wrong.



I don’t consider myself to be…

And yet, in a world where lies are held to be truth and fear lurks below the surface of everyday normalcy, how can speaking truth be anything but a radical act?

I am sorry neighbors and “friends” that I make you uncomfortable. When I say that, I truly mean it. That discomfort alone is enough to have kept me relatively quiet for nearly 50 years. As a consequence what has changed for the better? Nothing.

The world is even deeper in slavery than when I saw it for that back in 2001. I was content from that time till recently to let others speak the truth. Too few can take the heat that job entails. I’m not always sure that I can. I’m a sensitive artist and pissing off and scaring those around me is not fun. But I’m gonna do it anyway.

Enough is enough. As Mark Passio says “ People can get as offended as they like. Let us know how that works out for you.”

Podcast #5 the Anti-Slavery League


We discuss the following topics: Americans pronounce things as they please, How to pronounce “Whangarei”, New Face Book, Antislavery league, New gmail Antislaveryleague-at-gmail.com, Screwdriver registry, 1 in 4 believe the sun circles the earth, Thinking everyone knows what you know, Helical solar system, moon orbits the earth in a dual planet system, Hegelian dialectics, Queensland 3 is a crowd law, Gangs tend to not mess with civilians, China buying up Australia, K2 Act, legal weed in NZ, We need more laws like we holes in our head, Every new law removes a Freedom, Beggar law in Auckland, No drinking at sea Law, No lazer pointer law, People! stop being afraid, You don’t need to be protected, Have some courage, Drunken Thai monkeys, Slaves & Masters like Russian dolls, Self unemployed, Don’t be a master or slave, Putin hunts bears and fucks chickens, Putin arrests pussy riot, Are you free?, Mosquitos hunt us, We are atom clouds, People are actually a slurry, Earth planning to be a star, Expanding earth theory, Fingernail crackle, Doing mushrooms with your over 18 kids, Don’t baby sit the kids with TV, Single sex school, Boarding school boot camps, Flip off the security cameras, Working class hero, “You think you’re so clever classless and free but you’re still fucking peasants as far as I can see”, Keeping in honor, A day without insight is a sad day, Fear is the mind killer, Quizacks Haderackt

Podcast #4 the Anti-Slavery League


Cicadas, Water filters, Globalist agenda, Chinese store smell, Education agenda, Etymology of Government, the purpose of education, group dynamics, being an egg, what is an egg?, Negative attention, Education is a personal matter, Ways humanity is under attack, Limiting consciousness, How can you know what you don’t have if you don’t have it? Education vs Intelligence, Ifundiulum, Kurt Vonnegut, Dean Clifford, Dean Clifford fights the court system, Dean Clifford jail update, http://deanclifford.info/, bail a sweetener, Writ of Habeas Corpus, Maxims of law, Legal definition of “man”, Snowden is controlled opposition, NSA says “Be afraid, Spying get used to it, Russell Brand is for Communism, Book:How I clobbered every bureaucratic cash-confiscatory agency known to man by Mary Elizabeth Croft, Why the rich sponsor Socialism, Russell Brand a mind controlled agent, water and food most important thing, any honest job can be noble, the plan: all men are masters and slaves, overthrow the New World Dis-order by ignoring them, Snowden – A plant featured in the media often, Russia owned by the banking elite, Age of Aquarius, increase in conciousness in the New Age, elites in race with expanded consciousness, ways man is under attack, vaccinations, nutrition, food-GMO, media, why have kids if the TV babysits them, TV’s flickering blue light, public education is about control, Government is mind control, Chemtrails, Fluoride in the water, Nazis used fluoride in concentration camps, Chlorine in the water= heart disease, money is number one control structure, money is “one eye”, the message is money=enlightenment, Mike’s hippy 5th grade teacher, Treasure Island, money is an attack, the elite mind controllers afraid, Balanced people do not wish to control people, Rent-a-cops can fuck themselves, Fighting confiscatory control system at the door and preparing to enter the world of “fuck you system” You aren’t living unless your’re having insights on a daily basis.


No Money at the Banks by Rod of Aotearoa



The modern banking system as we know it today is the undisputed grand masterpiece of social engineering, psychological manipulation, deception and a master of misdirection that would make any master magician look like a bumbling fool, many people “believe” or have the perception that banks hold their “money” in trust for them and that banks “loan” the “money” that people and others put in the banks to others.

The following is only my basic uneducated thoughts on banking…so go grab some snacks, a cuppa or something to fend off dehydration, and get comfortable, i sincerely hope this will help to reveal some of the deceptions being played against unsuspecting people of good faith and blind trust to maybe inspire others to research their own findings for themselves and hopefully form a collective to share our information, create think tanks, and start to bring about change for our descendents.

Many have commented and written articles about banking, and some of the more alert have referred to the modern banking system as the second greatest fraud ever perpetuated against humankind with the Catholic religion ranking number one (for a future article perhaps), and it may come as a shock to some, to find out the two systems work hand glove with each other in conjunction with the legal systems.

But for the purposes of this article i am going to focus on banking, what maybe even further shocking still to some is the fact that banks do not have, or make any “money” what-so-ever, they do however make enormous amounts of currency, in the society that most live in this is known as “fiat” currency or currency by an authoritative order or by official decree, and is what most would call “money” i will attempt to shed a little light on the subject.

Fiat currency (the physical notes and coins one carries around with them) does not meet all the conditions that would make it “money” to be classed as money it needs to meet all of these strict criteria, as in it needs to be a medium of exchange, durable, fungible (an amount possessed by someone will buy the same things as the same amount possessed by another), a unit of account, divisible (it can be broken down for smaller transactions “change”), portable, and a store of value.

It does meet some of these conditions but not ALL, as in it is portable, divisible, fungible, a unit of account, it is not very durable it is not a store of value, and contrary to popular belief it is not a medium of exchange as in the everyday use of it by the general population to buy the necessities that sustain life, housing, utilities, luxuries…etc (its only exchange value is on currency markets where it is “exchanged” with other currencies, bonds and IOU’s that have the same intrinsic value of NIL, NIET, NADA, NOTHING), because an exchange is a value for value system of trade and fiat currency has no intrinsic value.

It is measured for value, meaning that it has a perceived value (confidence) by the holder in due course of the instrument, it is real in that it is a piece of paper and can be used to write on, start fires, or wipe ones backside with, (not necessarily in that particular order), other than that it has no intrinsic value, it costs roughly the same to print each one regardless of its denomination, and the perceived (believed) value is only determined by a number written on it, in regard to coins, if one were to remove all the engravings on a modern coin used as currency and took the blank to a scrap metal dealer, would one get the same “value” that was previously stamped into it? People’s belief in and dependency on the currency system is the only thing that gives the market any confidence.

Fiat currency is borrowed from private banking corporations working in amalgamation with other private banks, international banks and governments to create a “central bank” of a country that has complete control of that country’s currency supply, and is loaned to Governments at interest with only the principle amount being created and nothing to pay the interest being charged, the potential “income” derived from the governments citizens “tax” obligations and from future potential “tax” payers are used as collateral and surety on the loans.

Check the online debt clock to see how much each citizen owes on the national debt and you will see the debt rises as interest is being added by the second, then look at the population statistics to see there are 4.3million citizens in New Zealand that owe a certain amount per citizen as their share of the national debt, then ask yourself “how many of those 4.3million citizens are children and how can they owe that much from day one, long before they even get their first job, and with the interest being added every second how much will it be when they do get their first job”?

The thing that really made me take notice was right at the bottom of the page it will show you what that share of the debt could buy, a motorbike, a Rolex watch, a boat, it doesn’t show you how many hungry children that could feed, or how many sick people that could help, or how many homeless families that could house, if that isn’t enough to show you what this system is really about then there is no need for you to continue reading this any further.

Alright…alright…so you continued to read on…for the sake of those who are scratching your heads in confusion, squinting and frowning in recoil at this and thinking ‘What the fuck is this guy on about’ i will jump back a few decades and give you a short run up to where we are today.

In the year of their lord nineteen hundred and thirty three the reserve banking act was brought into effect in New Zealand, that same year in the United States of America that country’s financial affairs were handed over to the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank, under HJR (House Joint Resolution) 192 the “Gold Standard” was removed by President Franklin Roosevelt and all money had to be surrendered and exchanged for federal reserve notes at federal reserve affiliated banks, where the money could no longer be redeemed in gold, and became legal tender meaning that the new currency had nothing backing it but the peoples demand and use of it and were no longer a promise to pay anything to anyone, even though their Federal Reserve act had been written twenty years earlier and passed under President Woodrow Wilsons administration it took a world war, the founding of the league of nations and the great depression to implement it fully.

In New Zealand the newly formed reserve bank started issuing its first lot of hastily thrown together notes and coins in 1933, the notes had written on them, Promise to pay on demand in WELLINGTON the sum of [whatever the domination “pounds meant troy pounds of sterling silver, hence why the British currency is still called sterling”], and the coins had percentages of silver in them for example a half crown contains fifty percent silver.

In New Zealand in 1967 the change was made from imperial money to decimal currency no longer did the notes have “Promise to pay” written on them, instead the new “dollar” notes of all denominations had written on them “legal tender” and the coins no longer had any precious metals in them around the same time the Americans removed the silver content from their coinage.

A dollar is by definition a silver coin of nine parts silver and one part other composite alloys, when the Spanish silver dollar was the world reserve currency around the 15th and 16th centuries the coins were broken into eight segments for smaller transactions (pieces of eight) that the citizens the of united states of America still use to describe some of their coinage, as in a quarter is two of the pieces of the eight segments and a half dollar is still known by some as four bits.

The issuance of coinage in New Zealand remained with the government who continued to mint them until the mid to late 1980’s when this was handed over to the reserve bank, who then, not long after being given the control to mint coins started issuing “dollar” coins of two denominations.

Reserve banks act as a central bank in a country and have the sole control of the issuance of currency for that country, by manipulating the legislature, interest rates and inflation (the amount of currency in circulation) they maintain their monopoly over the country’s financial affairs, therefore any country with a central bank is in a perpetual tornado of debt continually sucking up natural resources, destroying the environment and exhausting human resources, when in our history did we became a mere resource to be used up and then spat out only to be replaced by our children and grand children to pay a debt that can never be repaid that the people don’t even owe, and governments are not immune to the laws of insolvency.

That being the case it therefore makes fiat currency a debt instrument as it is owed by someone (Government) to someone else (The Reserve Bank of New Zealand) at interest and in commerce a debt cannot settle a debt, meaning to purchase (to pursue and chase but never attain by proprietary right of “use” ) anything with them doesn’t settle the debt attached to the item (the sweat and/or intellectual equity invested by whom so ever invented and/or created it) and doesn’t belong to whom PurChased it, because the instrument they used to discharge the price attached didn’t belong to them it belongs to the bank that made it (it says who owns it right there on the instrument).

The currency used in day to day transactions by the average man on the street doesn’t settle any debts, it merely discharges the “price” of an item, or service from one side of the ledger to another side or portion of the same or another ledger because it is debt in itself, only something of value can settle a debt, bank “credit” is a just a complete and utter fabrication, digits created out of thin air that have absolutely no physical properties whatsoever, yet makes up over ninety percent (90%) of the currency in circulation.

Fiat Currency and debt isn’t “created” by the banks, it is made at the banks, the creation comes from peoples demand for their products, and/or services, it is the people that create the currency, the banks make, distribute and control it but people unknowingly create it by their demand for it and the banks are merely filling a simple supply and demand function with twists and undulations of the most immensely diabolical proportions.


When Joe Henry Bloggs goes into a bank to get a so-called “loan” or a “mortgage” (Lat: Mort=death, Gage=Grip or pledge), that which Joe has asked for doesn’t exist until an agreement, contract, power of attorney and promissory note have been signed, the bank then has a promissory note to the value of the so-called “loan” amount based on Joe the customers promise to pay, this is then sent on an off market securities transfer and sold for the amount on the promissory note (bills of exchange act 1908) this is why the banks cannot prove that they are the holders in due course of the original instrument that created the debt with ones “wet ink” signature/autograph on it, this makes good old Joe the creditor in the transaction as the promissory note is “as good as gold”, or cash, and the value didn’t exist before Joe the customer signed the papers.

The amount is then sent to the bank who move it to an “off the books” escrow account or a lawyers private “trust” deposit account and a debt amount is created at the bank in the name of JOE HENRY BLOGGS the borrower, interest is then added to this debt amount to keep their shareholders happy and to keep bank executives in huge bonuses every year for perpetuating and not exposing the gargantuan fraud, theft and deception, the “seller” is paid in fictitious bank credit to balance the banks books and give the impression that the bank is out of pocket and “loaning” the amount to old Joe the so-called “borrower”, whilst Joe the unsuspecting “borrower” happily pays for the “loan” that isn’t a “loan” in his sweat equity surrendered for the use of fiat currency.

Banks don’t “lend” anything of their own nor do they “lend” other depositors funds, a deposit at the bank is in fact an unsecured loan to the bank who can legally do as they see fit with it, beware the bank bail-ins, and when one gets a statement of account (bank balance) it is merely listing what the bank owes the depositor, this is why when Joe got a mortgage the amount he “borrowed” never showed on Joe the “customers” statement of account, but the debt does show on Joe the “borrowers” account balance, because it was never deposited at the bank in the first place, the property that was used as collateral on the “loan” doesn’t belong to Joe the customer who is now Joe the borrower, or the previous proprietary right of use holder, nor does it belong to the bank, therefore how can it be used as security and taken away upon payment default (which now makes Joe the borrower, Mr J H BLOGGS the debtor)? Who actually owns it? And what is Joe actually paying for? Did the bank advertise that they provided home “loans”?

Banks do not deal with Money, they deal in Negotiable instruments, bills of exchange, promissory notes, fiat currency, fictitious bank credit, collaterized debt obligations,…etc, but not “money” because they can’t as there is no money in commerce, this is a speculative market based on consumer confidence in the banks products, privileges and services.

Therefore the banks through the “legal” system claim real property in exchange for naught when their instruments are used to discharge a price, or when their services are used to provide debt on demand and use the court and judiciary as debt collection agencies to “enforce” judgments against people using deception in contracts that are not fully disclosed to seize real property, yet they never actually loaned anything of their own, of anyone else’s or anything of real value themselves to start with.

Seeing what people believe as their possessions, homes and property being “re”possessed by banks, credit agencies and “loan” facilitators who add more fees and charges to add more and more stress, fear and depression to keep the “debtor” blind to the fraud to the point where a lot of people commit suicide or have a complete mental breakdown.

Only to keep people trapped as alieni juris, a debtor under the control of a creditor, to these institutions, whilst the real property seized is sold off to repeat the cycle again using the same property by the same institutional thieves that never “possessed” the real property in the first place on some other unsuspecting people to make someone else descend from “a valued customer, to an obligated borrower, to a dishonourable debtor under the control of a creditor”, and then rinse and repeat again and again, laundering, racketeering and fraud at its finest.

These are just my basic thoughts, i sincerely hope that i am completely wrong and hope that maybe some of your findings will discredit my completely unfounded ideas.





Open letter


Lately I’ve been studying quite a lot about the sorry state that humanity finds itself in. I know, I’ve been into that “conspiracy stuff” for ages but to tell you the truth, after an intense bout of discovery early on. I really tapered off about 2003 or so.

I was content at that time to know that this world was their bitch and I figured I’d let them have it while I concentrated on my art and music. Later I was into dating and doing stuff like getting married and moving to New Zealand.

There were several reasons I was content to cease my studies of the mindfuck control system:

  1. Who’s telling the truth either all or in part and how could I know?
  2. I thought “what can I do anyway”.
  3. Figuring out the matrix takes time. Time I’d like to spend doing art or music or just contemplating my navel.
  4. I was very interested in spirituality and wanted to study that.


I guess those are the broad strokes. Either way I let the course of study drop.

However I never totally walked away and I felt one day I’d get back into it. My journey back started with comedy podcasts. I found and checked out the Joe Rogan podcast. While by no means an aware individual, Joe did get into some consciousness stuff and had people like Christopher Ryan and John Hancock on.

This fed my hunger for podcasts that dealt more with consciousness. One day I typed “Gnostic podcast” into Google and that led me to a show by a dude named Gnostic warrior. On one of his programs he was talking with Jan Irving. I like Jan by ultimately find his stuff only, sorta, almost good. Jan did lead me to Mark Passio though and I’ll say here that I now consider Mark to be a fantastic teacher.

Mark has a great way of explaining the mind control system that’s in place. He starts off on podcast 1 with an explanation of sophism and proceeds from there podcast by podcast to lift the curtain that has occulted mankind for a millennium.

One thing I love about Mark (and there are MANY things I love about him) is how he puts most of the blame for the sorry state of this planet squarely on THE PEOPLE themselves. True that there is a power elite that manipulates that mass, but responsibility for NOT taking responsibility lays with all of us as individuals. Period.

So, It’s Mark that’s lead me down this merry path again, and thank God for it. Along the way he’s explained what the mindfuckers symbols mean and the value of comprehending those meanings. This has lead me to further study of things like the tarot and Qabalah.

Now, that may freak you out but rest assured I am sane and not especially interested in summoning up demons or stuff like that. I’m interested in UNDERSTANDING the nature of reality and as a man of nearly 50 years, I feel I have developed the discretionary power to do so, no matter where the thread of truth leads.

Life is not a thing to be wasted indulging in the paragasms of consumer bliss induced by the pursuit of ever more shallow and empty pleasures. Not in my view anyway. We are here a short while only and in that time we owe it to ourselves and humanity as a whole to explore this universe, both it’s pitfalls and paradises.

While I do enjoy pleasure and indulge frequently in it. I see it’s inherent trap when treated as a reason for existing. A trap that is totally encouraged by the so called elite that run the media and “public education”.

Are you in that trap? Ain’t it getting hollow bout now? Don’t you want some solid answers before you croke?


Podcast #3 the Anti-Slavery League


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Rates! Battle update #1

2010 (8)

Hey all,

Well the Northland regional council called me today even though I’d written them a letter. Per the advice Rod gave yesterday in his post, I told them that I preferred to communicate with them in writing.

I must confess my heart was pounding. It’s never been my style to stand up to authority directly. I’ve always kept a low profile as I knew that my views were truly subversive and I also knew that subversives were automatic targets to the powers that be.

The lady “who was nice sounding” started to tell me to look at some paper that my solicitor had provided during the sale of my house. I stopped her and said again “please send me a letter re this matter I do not wish to speak about it on the phone. Then I hung up.

I did not want to hang up on the lady but I wasn’t going to be pulled into a phone discussion. Thank god I’d read Rod’s post yesterday,, total synchronicity. Besides, the point of writing the letter we did was to make them show us in writting:

  1. Why we have to pay
  2. What will happen if we do not.

Now they are going to have to work a bit for the money.

I can’t say this has been easy. I’m still feeling anxiety now an hour later. Like most people I have been deeply conditioned to OBEY.

Jo said I should delay their payment as well but we will be paying on time this year. However there are going to more bills from these extortionists and as my wife and I learn more we will continue to fight this unjust system as we learn more about how to do it the right way. For now we are content to question their authority.


M Francis