Podcast #21 the Anti-Slavery League


Topics Discussed: Ian Wishart – Eves Bite, Collectivism, Natural Law, Con-Sequence, Temp Work, Resource inequality, John Key, Pineal Gland, Interceptor Cell Towers, Celeb Nude Photos, Media Dream Killing, Chipping, Dollar Stores, Conflict Resolution, Agreement club, HG Wells, Killing Joke – Implant

Podcast #20 the Anti-Slavery League


Topics discussed: Brewers Droop, Letter to Whangarei Council, Whale Vagina’s, Charles Bukowski, Polar Ice loss, Globalist keep New Zealand down, Christopher Cross, Wireless power for implants, Nano Tech in chemtrails, Jo’s trip, Fur Flap hats, Kybalion, Managers authorizing alcohol purchases in New Zealand, Heartbreak happens – get over it, Broken hearts are for assholes – Frank Zappa, Ley Lines, GMO Terminator Seeds, Community Gardens, Free Food, Depression, Cancer, How and when to be your own Doctor – Isabelle Mosler, Ozone Layer still being depleted, Carbon Tetrafluoride, Aspartame, Global Warming, Spring Bok Protest, “Proof” that moon landing not a hoax, Data Collection of Police killings – Kyle Wagner at http://www.fatalencounters.org, Video camera’s in police vests.

Podcast #19 the Anti-Slavery League


Topics Discussed: Calcified pineal gland, Weird LSD, The Supersoul, The bullshit singularity, Australian Internet Surveillance, Technology Addiction, pukeko birds destroying Jo’s bananas, Health benefit claims, Gluten intolerance, Laws create criminals, Walter Veith, Wheat, Non-steal-able bikes, bike share, John Key’s Diary, Robots replacing humans, Russian billionaire building deep sea port in New Zealand, Banks sued for mortgage fraud, Non-depopulation Agenda, Gardening, Left-handedness, DMT in the Pineal Gland, Responsible for your thoughts and actions, DD Smash – Outlook for Thursday.

Podcast #18 the Anti-Slavery League


Topics Discussed: Pythagoras, Edgar Allen Poe, Robots replacing humans, Hamburger making robots, Collectivism vs Individualism, Jagermeister, Government Surveillance of the population, Ferguson Missouri, Militarization of Police, New Zealand election, Whangarei is a hopeless case, Pot retards intelligence in teens?, 100 year anniversary of World War I, Control of the population through “education”, Prussian education system, State supported depression, Suicide – leading cause of death by injury, Alge by-product of mono-culture farming, 1080 poison, Calyx, Pineal Gland, Pelvic bones soften prior to birth, Suicide solution by Ozzie Osbourne

Podcast #17 the Anti-Slavery League


Topics Discussed: Benito Mussolini, Anniversary of World War I, Kant’s categorical imperatives, Frank Zappa, Pythagorean Sacred Geometry, Audio from visual technology, Spray painted solar cells, Smartphone replacing other technology, Personal recorder, Corrective Vision Television, Facebook evil, internet.org, Kim dot com’s internet party, Glen Greenwald is a tool, New Zealand Elections, Alternate historical solar system, Moon – lemon shaped, Ice Age – a theory, Weaponized Archaeology, Evolution – a theory, Carbon dating, not very accurate, Elon Musk – Tesla Car, Artificial Intelligence more dangerous than Nukes, Royal Raymond Rife, Wilhelm Reich – Orgone energy, Coerced by the Theory of One.

Podcast #16 the Anti-Slavery League


Topics Discussed: Buzz Aldrin punches, Faked moon landing, History of Rome, Israeli/Palestinian conflict, Aerial bombing, Northland New Zealand economy, Voluntary police officers armed with tasers, Whale vagina’s, Holographic rooms, Accepting the artificial, John Key, Cocaine v Meth, Scarface the movie, Siberian holes, Russian threat, Ocean trash missing, Destroy corporate personhood, Debt is money in corporate system, Frank Black – Headache.

Podcast #15 the Anti-Slavery League


World Cup droids, “Child Safe” – Whangarei Laws, Natural Law v Government Legislation, Free Man movement, New Zealand’s Policeman’s oath, Police cannot search your phone, according to United State supreme court, Cops are willfully ignorant, hardcore history, Machine consciousness, The Singularity by 2045, Greg Egan, alien manipulation of human genetics, Fear of death, Decriminalization of cannabis, Cow shit Roomba, Alien base on the dark  side of the moon, the Ancient Greek computer, Nagasaki and Hiroshima, the Moon, Gates of Steel by Devo.

Podcast #14 the Anti-Slavery League


Topics Discussed: Joe loves his crappy Nokia, Battle for the Mind, Psyche meds, Back hair, Hairy phalynx, Tumbler, Invention of steam engine, Kybalion, Hermeticism, Hermetic Principles of Reality, Changeable DNA, Technology of the ego, Super ego, Iron Giant, the word cerebellum, Definition of Dionysian, People – want to be slaves, Culture, Following orders is a sin, Municipal Security frauds, Tagging v Graffiti, Water under the earth, Genetically modified bananas, LED bulbs are great, Lighting plus rant, Grocery store conversation, “Days Go By” by Talking Heads.

Podcast #13 the Anti-Slavery League


Topics Discussed: Synthetic cannabinoids, Cannabis, Hemp, higher education is a joke, Manley P Hall – Time is not for wasting, Local Cobbler, the song “Happy”, programmed lack of empathy, Movie/Television violence, Cocks on TV, Caligula the movie, Vikings, Michael Tsarion, Bob Marley, Hyksos of Egypt, Second Commandment, Procession of the Equinoxes, Milking rams, Dung beetles, Ass juice, Chemtrails in New Zealand, New Zealand Masterchef, Competing without ego, Unpasteurised dairy, Sprouting, Himalayan Sea Salt, What are they spraying?, the Hum, New Zealand tax debt slavery, Nassim Heriman is a fraud, Don’t believe things because you think they are true, Self slavery, Happy (Pharrell cover) HARD ROCK version by Neogeofanatic – from YouTube

Gold and the City of London


One can “eat” gold in its solid metallic form, but i don’t think it would give you the five plus a day nutritional values that would keep one alive, there is however a process by which gold can be broken down to it’s mono-atomic elements to a form of silica once the atomic bindings are removed that give gold its metallic properties the remaining silica is called ORMEs (Orbitally Re-arranged, Mono-atomic, Elements)using a chemical process that was used in ancient times and rediscovered which became the method to extracting the philosophers stone from gold of Alchemy legend (El=of “arabic” and Khemi or Khemit was the ancient name for what we know today as Egypt, therefore we have Elkhemi/Alchemy=”Of Egypt”) studies have shown that the extracted silica from gold and other platinum group metals was eaten in ancient times as “food for the light body” in ancient Khemit.

The intrinsic value that the platinum group metals have and in particular gold in modern political and economic societies is far removed from what the ancient people valued gold as, today its intrinsic value is in its convertibility into jewelry, it is used in electronics as a conductor of electrical potential and current, it is used in surgery as it is compatible with human tissue as it doesn’t rust and isn’t rejected by the human body, and we have all seen the gold fillings in peoples faces.

I believe that just as with most things in these political and economic societies that people become citizens of, the true value of gold has been misrepresented, when most think of the “value” of gold their first thoughts are the “fiat currency” exchange rate and conversion of gold to fiat currency to perpetuate that fiat currency system that i believe is designed to mask the true value of gold.

Many people know that Issac Newton the so-called “Father” of modern Newtonian Physics was a Master Alchemist, what most don’t realize is that in the late 17th to the early 18th centuries he was also the the Master of the royal mint and was involved in a cat and mouse game with a master counterfeiter in and around London at that time, as a Master Alchemist in a quest to find the philosophers stone and having access to all the platinum group metals he could ever need for his experiments as the master of the royal mint all he needed was an accomplice/nemesis to replace what was being taken by counterfeiting, i believe that this cat and mouse is the equivalent to the Bush and Osama game played early this century, the master counterfeiter was apparently caught (as was Osama, yeah right) and thrown in the tower of London, yet was still able to get communiques from his cell to the Master of the Royal Mint before he was hastily removed and hanged, many of the Master Alchemists formed the “free”masons, Issac Newton, Christopher Wren, and many, many others.

All of this happened during a time of great turmoil in england The 17th and 18th centuries were tumultuous times, a false flag attack came, as panic ensued at top levels of society due to out breaks of plague, bad omens, economic hardship and war.

Modern speculative “freemasonry” traces its inception to London in 1717, when most people learn that they have romantic idea’s of a meeting in Ye Olde Ale house of the Goose and Gridiron in “Olde London Town” with visions of cleavage baring wenches dancing around and muses playing lutes, liars and fifes, and all having a merry olde time swigging mead out of wooden tankards, these fanciful romantic fictional imaginings couldn’t be farther from the truth (I know I imagined it that way too once upon a time).

The “City of London”, is the one square mile area within the Greater London Metropolitan City is neither a part of London nor is it a part of the wider United Kingdom, it is a sovereign state unto itself, much the same way as the Vatican and Washington DC are legally not a part of the geographical area on which they physically exist.

The City of London was born in a baptism of fire from the Great fire of London in 1666, and from the ashes of Cheapside “rose” (one of the “masonry” symbols) the phoenix (what most think is the two headed eagle), in the form of the “City of London” with the (G)oose and (G)ridiron (everyone has seen the letter “G”) located in St Paul’s Churchyard en”compass”ed within the “square” mile (I’m not too sure if the Compass and Square are used, I’m sure some “Mason” out there will dispute they do and set me right).

“Cheap” was a word used in old English to mean “market” so in today’s English it would be “Market side” where we can find at present the worlds most influential economic power and “money markets” here’s what you can find in the “square” mile.

Roth-Schild controlled
‘Bank of England’
Lloyds of London
The London Stock Exchange
All British Banks
The Branch offices of 385 Foreign Banks
70 USA Banks
Fleet Streets Newspaper and Publishing Monopolies
Headquarters for the worldwide corporate sole known as ‘THE CROWN’

Various “acts” were rushed through Parliament after the great fire of London, the Cestui Que Vie act of 1666, that declared everyone as dead and lost at sea and put everyones property in “trust” until one could prove they weren’t dead within seven years, the Rebuilding of London act of 1666, (ssshhhh…its because they were written before the fire, kinda like the “patriot act” was written before Osama’s visually impaired pilots got lost in the New York smog one fine day in September of 2001 “AVDI, VIDE, TACE)

Then came an act of parliament and an act of treasonous theft, in 1694 came the Bank of England act that took money “the sume of fifteene hundred thousand pounds towards the carrying on the warr against France”, (excuse the spelling, but that’s how it is written in the act).

That same year through an act of treason it become a Sovereign State when King William lll of Orange privatized and turned the Bank of England over to the private bankers, (kind of how FDR removed the gold standard form money and signed over the issuance of American currency to the privately owned FedRes in 1933 under HJR 192, that turned money into legal tender fiat currency) then came the settlement act of 1701, another Cestui Que Vie in 1707 and hey presto the speculative freemasons are formed out in ye olde ale house the Goose and Gridiron in ye new “City of London” from where we get our modern banking system….funny that…

I’d like to see if a so-called “free”mason can herd sheep over London Bridge.

sorry for the long winded blab session, that isn’t even the edge of the penguin sh!t on the tip of the ice burg.