Podcast #31 the Anti-Slavery League


Topics Discussed: Ugly Floral Patterns, The Findhorn Foundation – Deva’s, Childhood trauma – psychology, Modern personal philosophy, Ego defense structures, Anger Management, Robotic people, UFO’s – Operation Trojan Horse, Jonathon Keel, Men in Black, UFO Sightings, Time Travel, Terrence McKenna, Time Wave Theory, Video Game Reality, Haptic Virtual Reality Technology, Alec Eiffel – Pixies.

Podcast #30 the Anti-Slavery League


Topics discussed: Hare Krishna, The Hierophant card, 9mins 15 secs CUT, Arab wars, Preferred Perception, Voting is violence, Dean Clifford, Santos Bonachi on the run, Self Delusion, court system = Black Mass, Tangata Whenua Courts, Swearing allegiance to the Queen, Citizenship, 39.40 CUT, Ferguson – Missouri, Drink Driving in New Zealand, Cop selling methamphetamine, Kate Bush – There goes a Tenner.

Podcast #29 the Anti-Slavery League


Topics Discussed: Vermin, Ayn Rand, Stefan Molyneux – freedomainradio.com, Child abuse, Child rearing, Post WW2 German Economic recovery, Near Death Experience not a hoax, Mental retards, Italian economy failure, Pot smokers brains, Black Sabbath – The Writ.

Podcast #28 the Anti-Slavery League


Topics Discussed: Jo the porno poet, Republicans v Democrats, Republicans lose US Senate, Nothing changes whoever is in power, Student loans, Charles Hugh Smith, NZ anti-tobacco policies, Basic income guarantee, Wealth inequity, Russian economic collapse, United Nations corrupt, Elite feed on fear, Sugar dumbs people down, TTPA kept secret, Helpless Dancer – Who

Podcast #27 the Anti-Slavery League


Topics Discussed: Morphic Resonance, Hundredth Monkey, The Hum, NASA Warp Engine, Amazon Monopoly, Stuff and Shit, Education, Restriction of credit cards, WINZ Security, TPPA – Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, Dairy causes cancer – T. Colin-Campbell, “Another Brick in the Wall – Pink Floyd’

Podcast #26 the Anti-Slavery League


Topics Discussed: Betting, Terrorism in Canada, Talking to Police, Catch 22, Boots in the future, Food Rights, Cops blow off babies face, 5 Regrets of the Dying, Jo’s Extrusion, Man, is a thought in God’s mind, Principle of Correspondence, Dostoyevsky, Classic Literature, Ronnie James Dio – Rainbow in the Dark.

Podcast #25 the Anti-Slavery League


Topics Discussed: NZ’s ‘No Exit’ Act, “Stoptober – Mandatory smoking cessation NZ Law, Hemorrhagic Disease, Tony Abbot loves coal, Hidden Moon Structure, Cannabis cures, Cannabis cures cancer, Aging, 87 people richer than other 7 billion, Mercury in dental fillings, Google makes us dumber, End of Work, Limited vocabulary = Limited mind, Cunts are still running the world – Jarvis Cocker, Tasers cause brain damage, Unconscious people,

Podcast #24 the Anti-Slavery League


Topics Discussed: People love their slavery, Ebola Scam, Australia closing borders, John Key – top spy, Champax, New US Constitution, 1 in 3 people wants a new congress, National Parks charging photographers, Australian Internet monitored, New Zealand – NWO’s petri-dish, Bali bombing, 3D Chemtrails, Addiction completely curable, Drones are evil, Alzheimer’s curable, Rudolph Steiner, The Strand by Roxy Music.

Podcast #23 the Anti-Slavery League


Topics Discussed: Bus driver molester, Gay Media Agenda, Big blue spiral, Andromeda merging with Milky Way, Employee Rights, wakeupkiwi.com, Cognitive Dissonance, Pre-fabricated personalities, Race War, Cops-order followers, Teacher Brainwashing, Control of the internet, Facial Recognition, Homelessness in Auckland, Apple Watch, Technology disconnect, Technology Addiction, Harvard’s ruling elites, The Sicilian Mafia, Entitlement of Authority, Virtual Personality postmortem, Soma – Yawning Abyss

Podcast #22 the Anti-Slavery League


Topics discussed: NSA spies on NZ, US starting race war, Alzheimer’s, Pixel in the picture of God, New World Dream Killers, Flipping Off Security camera’s, Social Media Rot, Talking v Texting, prefab personalities, Goal Setting, Norway Sky Spiral, Ancient Ruins in Australia, Stonehenge Radar, Red Delicious apple, Pak’n’Save, Aurochs, Electric Cigarettes, Making smoking illegal, Helical solar system, Time Travel Impossible, Verboten-Police State,