Podcast #20 the Anti-Slavery League


Topics discussed: Brewers Droop, Letter to Whangarei Council, Whale Vagina’s, Charles Bukowski, Polar Ice loss, Globalist keep New Zealand down, Christopher Cross, Wireless power for implants, Nano Tech in chemtrails, Jo’s trip, Fur Flap hats, Kybalion, Managers authorizing alcohol purchases in New Zealand, Heartbreak happens – get over it, Broken hearts are for assholes – Frank Zappa, Ley Lines, GMO Terminator Seeds, Community Gardens, Free Food, Depression, Cancer, How and when to be your own Doctor – Isabelle Mosler, Ozone Layer still being depleted, Carbon Tetrafluoride, Aspartame, Global Warming, Spring Bok Protest, “Proof” that moon landing not a hoax, Data Collection of Police killings – Kyle Wagner at http://www.fatalencounters.org, Video camera’s in police vests.


Podcast #20 the Anti-Slavery League — 2 Comments

  1. Awesome cast guys, the implants you spoke of are already in circulation in the states, its a small chip implanted under the skin that delivers measured doses of contraceptive medication, with all the unsustainable population growth and agenda 21 talk and implants on the net they bring out a chip that delivers contraception, two birds with one stone, brilliant, now replace contraception with potassium cyanide linked to your credit status and hey presto the perfect kill switch…

    I see the cops are now carrying around tablets, fucken useless pricks, can’t use wankers cramp as an ACC claim anymore.

    Peace brethren

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