Podcast #13 the Anti-Slavery League


Topics Discussed: Synthetic cannabinoids, Cannabis, Hemp, higher education is a joke, Manley P Hall – Time is not for wasting, Local Cobbler, the song “Happy”, programmed lack of empathy, Movie/Television violence, Cocks on TV, Caligula the movie, Vikings, Michael Tsarion, Bob Marley, Hyksos of Egypt, Second Commandment, Procession of the Equinoxes, Milking rams, Dung beetles, Ass juice, Chemtrails in New Zealand, New Zealand Masterchef, Competing without ego, Unpasteurised dairy, Sprouting, Himalayan Sea Salt, What are they spraying?, the Hum, New Zealand tax debt slavery, Nassim Heriman is a fraud, Don’t believe things because you think they are true, Self slavery, Happy (Pharrell cover) HARD ROCK version by Neogeofanatic – from YouTube


Podcast #13 the Anti-Slavery League — 2 Comments

  1. great cast guys, as far as i know hemp and marijuana first started growing in New Zealand around the 1950’s on farms throughout the country, i spoke with my neighbour about it who is in her sixties and remebers it growing behind their chicken coup when she was a kid, it made its way into New Zealand in chicken feed imported from overseas, she remembers posters at the post office warning farmers of the dangers of this new noxious plant found growing from the seeds found in chicken feed.

    I would love to have a good chat with you guys someday.

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