Podcast #11 the Anti-Slavery League

Topics discussed: Noam Chomsky-Gatekeeper, Homeopathy, Velikovsky, Pseudo-science, Nikola Tesla, Paying your power bill, Other people’s opinions, Endorsing slavery, Atlantean Genesis of evil, Free range slavery, The Americans -TV series, Vikings, mis-use of police power, True Law of Karma, Pseudo-self, Steam … Continue reading

Podcast #10 the Anti-Slavery League

Topics Discussed: Fly quarantine, Fractionalised banking system, Lithium bomb, US dollar bill symbolism, Camel Toe, Sir James Wallace, Aten, Akhenaten, Owl on the US dollar bill, Dove over the US, Book of Enoch 70’s version, Owl symbolism, Subliminal advertising, Captain … Continue reading

Podcast #9 the Anti-Slavery League

Topics: Positivity, Gods gender, OTO, Goetic Magic, Aleister Crowley, Contacting Higher Self, Lon Milo Duquette’s books, Jay Parker, Transit of Venus, Mystery of the Moon, Origins of oil, EFT, Gary Craig, Powers of possibilities, Positive Affirmations, Conscious versus Unconscious mind, … Continue reading