Podcast #6 the Anti-Slavery League

Topics discussed: Leap Year, waving at strangers, TSA searches genitals, Facebook is a joke, Bill Hicks, Tips for dealing with the police, Cannabis users easy target, Am I being detained?  Cops low IQ, adrenaline robots, remaining silent, no body searching, … Continue reading

Podcast #5 the Anti-Slavery League

We discuss the following topics: Americans pronounce things as they please, How to pronounce “Whangarei”, New Face Book, Antislavery league, New gmail Antislaveryleague-at-gmail.com, Screwdriver registry, 1 in 4 believe the sun circles the earth, Thinking everyone knows what you know, Helical … Continue reading

Podcast #4 the Anti-Slavery League

Cicadas, Water filters, Globalist agenda, Chinese store smell, Education agenda, Etymology of Government, the purpose of education, group dynamics, being an egg, what is an egg?, Negative attention, Education is a personal matter, Ways humanity is under attack, Limiting consciousness, … Continue reading

Podcast #3 the Anti-Slavery League

Waitangi Day, Hobsons 1st Declaration of Independence, Tasman, follow up to Whangarei, security ambassadors,  youth, raised by TV S& schools not parents, security guards that act as highwaymen for the county, Contracting with the state/police/courts, police can lie to you, … Continue reading

Rates! Battle update #1

Hey all, Well the Northland regional council called me today even though I’d written them a letter. Per the advice Rod gave yesterday in his post, I told them that I preferred to communicate with them in writing. I must … Continue reading