Podcast #41 the Anti-Slavery League

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Topics discussed: Corporatisation of marijuana, Man and boy go missing in New Zealand, David Icke – Time Loop, Green bananas, Policing the baby milk formula, Surveillance, ‘Like’ Farms, Mike defends his own reality, Consciousness as a light frequency, Atheism, Man ejaculates in woman’s coffee, Uni-bomber mind controlled, New Zealand weed shortage, New Zealand Site Safe is evil, Do Something Real – Guided by Voices

Podcast #40 the Anti-Slavery League


Topics Discussed:California Drought, Blood Meridian – Cormack McCarthy, Satanic Birth Rituals, Biology of Beliefs, Public has low comprehensive of written material, Bernadette Roberts, Velovkowski, David Icke, IQ Testing in the workplace, NZ stealing the car keys of foreign drivers, Bottled Water is a Scam, Indian Food, Ancient Celtic Prince.


Podcast #39 the Anti-Slavery League


Topics Discussed: NZ sending troops to Iraq, Publicly Funded Education, ISIS, Spiritual Instruction of the Youth, The suffix of EL, Alaska legalizes Cannabis, Drug Testing Pregnant Women, Marijuana safer than Alcohol and Tobacco, UFO in Canada, Vietnam, Cancer from Soda, Non-aggression Principle, Trivium, Montana jails for exposure law, Kim dot Com, Good Morning Little School Girl – Yardbirds

Podcast #38 the Anti-Slavery League

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Topics discussed: Jimaca, ASL – One Year Anniversary, Cop – Public PR, American Sniper, US Government scared of Drones, Volunteers giving hand jobs to the disabled, France – Super tax, Public Education, Male Circumcision, Mind Controlled Military, Tablet and Smartphones bad for Child Development, Satanic Birth Trauma – Jeanice Barcelo, I Didnt Spot the Set Up – The Loud Family

Podcast #37 the Anti-Slavery League


Topics discussed: People are Demons, Diplomacy by Deception, Water levels rising, Greece – Financial crisis, Government Benefits, Government Unfix-able, Left-Right Dialectic, Online Dating Scams, Text English, Phone Addiction, Most Expensive Countries in the World to live in, Waitangi Day, Banishment of banks, Low level of consciousness of Humanity, Goods and Services Tax – Unfair, Genesis – You’re no son of mine

Podcast #36 the Anti-Slavery League


Topics discussed: Green language – In-formation, Xenophobia, Venus Project, Resource based economy, Facebook Friends, Square root of Pi, Tantric Sex, Sex Tips, Male Circumcision, NZ Zero tolerance speed limit, Using Stocks as a punishment, Speed Racer, NZ Sand Flies, Jethro Tull – Thick as a brick.

Podcast #35 the Anti-Slavery League


Topics Discussed: Fibromyalgia, Duke of York scandal, Transformation of America – Cathy O’Brian, raw crackers, Presidents related to royals, Satanic Ritual Abuse, Pennyroyal- abortifacients, Muslim attacks in France, Politicians are the ugly Hollywood, Bill Gates – Poop Machine, Flanagan Micro Water, Berkey Water Filters, Preppers, Growing Vegetables, Phil Collins, Benefits of raw food, Diet, Arise and Shine kit, Scientific proof Red Meat causes cancer, Natural Human Life Spans, Gutter Twins – All Misery Flowers.

Podcast #34 the Anti-Slavery League


Topics Discussed: Modern Manhood, Prince, Paris Killings, Raw Food, Delayed Motherhood, Anti-Male Agenda, Immigration for Taxation, Paper Matrix, NYPD Insubordination, Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, Gardening is Anarchy, Western Mentality, Talking Heads – The Great Curve.

Podcast #33 the Anti-Slavery League


Topics Discussed: Pope Francis, sodomy, cannabis oil, teachers – tools of big government, oil prices, federal insured derivatives, socialised medicine, Sony hack, basic income guarantee, Switzerland, Sphere Galaxy, Bionic Eyes, Christmas dog scarf, Magic mushrooms effect on brain chemistry, Philosophical definition of truth, Hinduism, Ravi Shankar – chant.

Podcast #32 the Anti-Slavery League


Topics Discussed: Laconic definition, Undercover narcotics officer, Sophistry, Cop kills civilians, Monopoly on violence, Noise pollution, Joe steals horse shit, Police becoming illiterate, Eric Gardiner, Bankerism, Bill of Rights, teachers are tools, Genesis – Home by the sea 1&2